CCTV & Off-Site Surveillance

Residential & Business CCTV Surveillance & Off-Site Monitoring Systems

Hikvision & Bosch CCTV & Off-site Monitoring

CCTV surveillance cameras and off-site monitoring systems allow companies and Estates to monitor all angles of their businesses and Estate parametres from a dedicated location as well as from anywhere in the world. Video surveillance technology allows you to protect your business or residential property from any potential hazards monitored 24/7. It also deters any illegal action as employees and trespassers know they are being monitored.

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State of the art, innovation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology come together in the form of Hikvision’s and Bosch’s industry leading CCTV and off-site video surveillance products and services.

Imagine viewing live video footage remotely from your mobile device or your desktop and being able to see what is going on in your home, estate, business, business complex, shop or restaurant?

We offer a comprehensive solution for residential and businesses alike. From covert indoor cameras, perfect for monitoring inside your home or business, allowing you to keep an eye on the nanny or unoccupied children, employees or even what your pets are up to…
Jalade also has a range of weatherproof infrared night vision CCTV equipment for covering driveways, pools, backyards, decks, garages and other unsupervised areas on your property or estate.

CCTV cameras also help to prevent potential crimes as the mere sight of “being watched” deters criminals. Restaurants often use security cameras to monitor patrons, servers and the level of service provided, ensuring an improved customer experience. Warehouses, storage- and manufacturing facilities often use CCTV security cameras to monitor health and safety rules and regulations, workflow and employee productivity.