Residential & Business Biometric Access Control Systems

Keys and remotes for residential or business access offer a number of risks. They can be lost, stolen or duplicated. While this is a major security hazard it is also inconvenient and costly to replace. Biometric fingerprint readers offer companies and residential estates better access control to and from an establishment. In addition to this, these systems can also allow companies to control employees entering and exiting specific areas and limit access to particular areas.

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At Jalade Management we make use of Sagem and Impro biometric access control systems because they offer highly customisable and scalable fingerprint identification solutions to our customers. Their technologies are fraud-proof and can be applied to diverse and narrow surfaces.

Control who has access to your home, complex or business using an access control system from Jalade Management. Choose from a variety of access control options to suit your specific requirements. We deploy Fingerprint and card readers using systems like Impro and Sagem.

From single standard doors to electrically operated booms, we have an access control solution for any type of entry and exit. You can also choose between card, chip or pin code operated electric and magnetic access doors and/or gates. These systems can also be pre-programmed to work as a lone standing device or manually operated by an appointed security personnel.

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Over the past two decades we have become experts in the security industry. Our credible reputation in the field speaks for itself.

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Jalade Management has stood the test of time by putting our customers first, at all times.

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Jalade Management makes it their business to stay at the forefront of trends and developments, in order to source and implement the best solutions for their customers

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Investing in Security for your home and business is not about protecting your valuables only. It is about safeguarding your family and employees and about giving you back the control. Every residential complex and business is different, so let’s talk about what is important to you. Our team of experts will put together a comprehensive security system quote, based on your specific needs. We will supply, install and manage your security system from start to finish.