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Gates and garages offer us and our vehicles extra barriers and protection from security risks such as vehicle theft, hijackings etc. Manually unlocking and opening gates and/or garages are a potential security risk as it requires a person to get out of a vehicle. At night, when you are most vulnerable and unable to assess your surroundings properly, this becomes even more of a hazard.

The ability to automatically open and close gates and garages via electric motors make it safer, easier, and more convenient to enter and exit your business or home.

At Jalade Management we supply, install and manage Centurion’s advanced Electric Garage and Gate Motors. Centurion’s range of motors are award-winning, extremely diverse and meets the most stringent of quality standards.

Our electric gate motors also boast additional safety features including sensors that prevent gates from swinging into or closing on to a vehicle, individual or any other obstruction.

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Expertise – 27 years

Over the past two decades we have become experts in the security industry. Our credible reputation in the field speaks for itself.

Customer-centric approach

Jalade Management has stood the test of time by putting our customers first, at all times.

Next-level technology

Jalade Management makes it their business to stay at the forefront of trends and developments, in order to source and implement the best solutions for their customers

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Investing in Security for your home and business is not about protecting your valuables only. It is about safeguarding your family and employees and about giving you back the control. Every residential complex and business is different, so let’s talk about what is important to you. Our team of experts will put together a comprehensive security system quote, based on your specific needs. We will supply, install and manage your security system from start to finish.