Solar Installations and Repairs

Jalade offers solar solutions tailored to your needs. When it comes to your solar installation, choosing Jalade Management is a decision that will guarantee success. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are well-equipped to handle the complexities and challenges that come with solar installations.

Jalade Management has the highest quality standards and therefore makes use of leading brands such as Sunsynk for inverters and batteries, and JA Solar for solar panels. We offer solar extras which enhance the functionality, efficiency, and convenience of your solar power system, allowing you to make the most of your renewable energy investment while seamlessly integrating with the grid for optimal energy management.

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State-of-the-art Solar Panels from JA Solar

  • JA Solar panels offer excellent power output, harnessing more energy from the sun.
  • JA Solar panels are built to withstand various weather conditions and are resistant to potential damage from wind, snow, and hail.
  • The panels have improved low-light performance, ensuring consistent energy production even in cloudy or shaded conditions.
  • These panels utilize Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.
  • JA Solar provides a reliable warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance in the longevity and performance of the panels.

Revolutionary Inverters from Sunsynk

The Sunsynk Hybrid Parity Inverter is a highly efficient power management tool that allows the user to hit those ‘parity’ targets by managing power coming from multiple sources such as solar, mains grid and generator and then effectively storing and releasing electric power as the utilities require.rupted power supply.

Wide range of batteries

Smart lithium-ion batteries are rapidly gaining popularity as energy storage solutions. These batteries store a a significant amount of energy in a compact and lightweight package. They are fast charging and have a longer service life and maintenance.

Why Jalade Management - Electronic Security Providers & Security Assessment Experts

Expertise – 27 years

Over the past two decades we have become experts in the security industry. Our credible reputation in the field speaks for itself.

Customer-centric approach

Jalade Management has stood the test of time by putting our customers first, at all times.

Next-level technology

Jalade Management makes it their business to stay at the forefront of trends and developments, in order to source and implement the best solutions for their customers

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Investing in Security for your home and business is not about protecting your valuables only. It is about safeguarding your family and employees and about giving you back the control. Every residential complex and business is different, so let’s talk about what is important to you. Our team of experts will put together a comprehensive security system quote, based on your specific needs. We will supply, install and manage your security system from start to finish.