About us

Why Jalade Management?

Expertise - 17 years

The security industry is an ever-evolving organism, constantly influenced by crime trends and new and improved technology. Over the past two decades we have become experts in the industry field. Our credible reputation in the field speaks for itself. We’ve not only build up a loyal customer base but have also developed exceptional relationships with suppliers and technology partners.

Customer-centric approach

Jalade Management has stood the test of time by putting our customers first at all costs. Every client and operation is different, which could affect the level of risk differently as well. That is why each of our solutions are customised to suit each individual client. Regular site visits and communication with our customers allow us to address new risks before they occur. This approach has helped us build lasting relationships!

Next-level technology

Technology develops and advances at such a rapid pace. Jalade Management makes it our business to stay at the forefront of trends and developments in order to source and implement the best solutions for our customers. Years in the industry have allowed us to establish which technology trends are worth implementing and which aren’t. We employ advanced technology and electronics that offer our customers the most practical and successful results.